The essence of the Civic Outreach Center program is the love of Jesus. The goal is the redirection of lifestyle, brought about through strict discipline, balanced with genuine love, faith, counseling and work therapy. The program aims toward the transformation of the whole man: spirit, soul, and body.

Our home seeks to be as noninstitutional as possible, because the rehabilitation process must take place on an individual basis. In this way, the Christ-like love and care of the staff creates an atmosphere which allows healing a chance to work in each individual's life.



An appointment with the Intake Counselor must be made for an interview. The Intake Counselor will determine the applicant's eligibility and can admit the applicant immediately, providing required medical tests are completed and if there is room in the facility. If there is no room, the applicant's name will be place on a waiting list and notified should a place become available.


If the applicant's name is put on the waiting list, he must personally call no less than twice a week. The call must be placed between 9AM and 5PM, Monday thru Friday. If he fulfills this requirement, he will then be allowed to enter the program when there is room. Applicants living within 50 miles of the facility should come to the facility at least once a week and participate in the Tuesday Night Recovery Meetings at 7PM.


If you leave before completing the program, you must wait 30 days before another interview is granted. A committee is available to help evaluate readmissions and make recommendations or referrals. This is by no means to be interpreted by you as lenience on our part, nor that we are expecting you to leave. You might consider that, from our past experiences, only a few make it after repeated times of leaving the program.


Contact COC Director, Rev. Noel Marks at 504.362.3379 or at