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Recognizing and Defeating the Demonic

Meet White Dove

What is White Dove Church?

White Dove ChurchWhite Dove Church is an international ministry, diverse in its make-up, with people from all ethnic backgrounds and various walks of life coming together to worship the one true God.

White Dove Church desires to disciple and teach as many people as possible, in all nations to observe the Commands of Christ and to serve Him as disciples in His kingdom. (Matthew 28:19-20)

Our goal at White Dove Church is a family-focused approach, consisting of making fully devoted followers of Christ – a disciple.

Local Mission

We believe that every believer is a minister. We long to see God's people "GO" into their communities and minister to the lost on a local level. We provide many outreach opportunities for the church to, "Be the church!"

Global Mission

We believe that all believers are called to "Go into all the world." We support through the Great Commission Fellowship a wide variety of missionaries from around the world. We also offer various missions trips throughout the year.

Pastor Mike and Elaine Millé

Pastor Mike and Elaine Mille

In 1987, WDF Church was birthed by Pastors Mike & Elaine Millé, in the city of New Orleans in a community called Algiers. Desiring to reach the lost and hurting, the ministry began in a store front, growing over 25 years until today WDF is located in the heart of the West Bank of New Orleans, on a 30 acre piece of land.

Known for his in depth study of the Bible, Pastor Mike ministers messages to people of all ages and backgrounds. It's always a treat to hear him weaving humor into the delivery of the Word.